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The contrast of refrigeration of American EXAIR box and commonly used and coolin
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As modernization of our country industry beneficial accelerates the day of the process, the accurate sex of all sorts of equipment and automation degree demand are higher and higher, the application such as PLC, transducer is wider and wider also. In the use of these equipment, a problem that often appears is: How to cool control ark.
Ark refrigeration fashion is controlled inside the market
The meeting when working normally because of electric equipment component emits quantity of heat, if quantity of heat cannot send out in time,go out, temperature accumulative total is elevatory can cause huge damage to equipment component. For example: When transducer works, the electricity that carries transducer is very big, the quantity of heat of generation is very big, the fault rate of transducer lifts along with temperature and rise into exponential sex, service life lifts along with temperature and drop into exponential sex. And once exceed 45 ℃ ,control temperature of the air inside ark, the basis heats up insular effect, the temperature of calorific component surface on circuit board can exceed 55 ℃ , this will affect the stability of electronic equipment, component life is couldn't get not only assure, can appear even the phenomenon of burn down.
Current, be opposite in industrial domain the refrigeration that controls ark is to pass fan or air conditioning to execute normally drop in temperature, the problem that cool with respect to fan respectively below and exists in air conditioning refrigeration undertakes an analysis.
1, fan is cooling
Fan refrigeration is through strengthening air convection to come implementation drops in temperature, the advantage of this kind of method is devoted little, moving cost is low. But defect also is highlighted especially, in air convective moment, outside air is medium dust, smeary also enter control cabinet as air with caustic material, below electrostatic action adsorption is on electronic component, many a little makes a mickle. In this kind working environment falls, sometimes afore-mentioned impurity can corrode circuit board, sometimes the dirt of heavy panel is in damp environment cocoa causes short circuit or burn down wait for an accident with electric conduction. And in working environment temperature very high case falls, fan cannot have cooling effect at all.
2, air conditioning is cooling
Cent of air conditioning refrigeration is exterior refrigeration and in-house refrigeration two kinds.
(1) what exterior refrigeration basically points to air conditioning is air-conditioner room. Place control ark inside air conditioning room, this kind of cooling method has certain feasibility, but inadequacy also has a lot of:
1> exterior refrigeration cannot cool deep box is in-house, the refrigeration of important element is couldn't get assure;
2> investment is large, moving cost is very high;
When air conditioning of 3> computer room is used, in can bringing about a room, hot air ascendant cold air drops, results of such refrigeration of component of control ark upside are bad.
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