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Those who be used at bearing is high temperature resistant biology degradation i
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The biology degradation that Japanese essence is versed in development went to be used at bearing is plastic. Raised hear resistance and intensity the rate that can use on the component such as scroll bearing. Through fibroid aggrandizement material is being added in polyvinyl alcohol colophony, with get together photograph of lactic acid colophony is compared, tensile strength and tigidity are taller. Additional, through cooperating to use improved agent, obtained the plasticity that assembles a need.
Original biology degradation is plastic can rapid below 120 ℃ deterioration or dissolve be in harmony. And of new development plastic different, although be in,buy of transfer to a lower level of 120 ℃ environment also is met 1000 hours scarcely deterioration, can use as actually accordingly component part. Melting point is 200 ℃ about, highest use temperature is 100 ℃ . This company shows, of will new development plastic in putting park soil, inside 180 days dissoluble 60 % above.
This company trial-produce in maintain implement and this are used in weather strip plastic make " bearing of high environmental protection scroll " . The lube of in-house fill uses biology degradation sex " lube of EXCELLA GREEN NS7 " , the appearance concentrate one's efforts that passes annulus of pair of inside and outside realized low torsion. This bearing had 10 thousand Rpm, fast test of 5000 hours below the environment of 100 ℃ , affirm this material has outstanding wear.

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