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VICTREX PEEK aggregate material is made exceed wear-resisting product
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Collect data of group of VICTREX PEEK of in order to to be a foundation, the Victrex APTIV film of exceeding and durable wear-resisting makes gasket of thrust of car seat motor
Company of Korea S&T Daewoo is dedicated make at car assembly, the product includes motor, electronic component, chassis, be by praise highly highly competitive all-around car component supplier.
S&T Daewoo had used the thrust gasket that APTIV film makes in the seat motor of its admiral model, APTIV film because its outstanding durable sex, wearability and self-lubricating quality and become this ideal that special applying to choose.
Because traditional thrust gasket all uses rolled steel to make, not only oneself wears away easily, the component also can wear away subsequently all round, because this needs to often change, although receive army law to ever was opposite to seek a variety of plastic material (like PA66 and POM) have a test, , but its wear-resisting function cannot achieve a requirement, in the test, APTIV is filmy not only have outstanding wearability and durable sex, also having in lubricity respect not the expression of common.
Gasket of seat motor thrust needs to bear about 4000 turn / the motor rotate speed of cent and 10 kilogram / square metre (2.05 pounds / square foot) pressure, its diameter is 10 millimeter commonly (0.394 inches) or 8.5 millimeter (0.335 inches) .
S&T Daewoo still chooses to be based on material of other project polymer in the light of certain and different application (like PA66) filmy, nevertheless, the company also is considering amid to ask to APTIV film is used in abiding and durable application, protect in order to comply with current product character period ceaseless prolate develops a tendency.
Thrust gasket is used in control car seat to tilt in the motor of angle and position, produce per year a quantity to achieve 3 million. Ou Baowei is amounted to, pang Diyake G6, a variety of models such as BLS and GM Daewoo Tosca already all used Kaidilake the thrust gasket that S&T Daewoo produces.

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