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New-style what change along with humidity is plastic
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American researcher gets inspiration from holothurian defensive mechanism, what research and development gives a kind to change along with humidity is new-style and plastic.
This kind of material can change pattern inside a few seconds when encountering a liquid, by hard molten, restore to be like again next first. This material is having extensive medical treatment use.
According to United States of newest first phase " science " weekly introduction, the development of this kind of material got holothurian inspiration. Holothurian grow in sea floor, have the bodily form of the skin like leather and similar cucumber. It can submit soft gel form, also can show tigidity.
' of holothurian effect of changeover of this kind of ' comes from a kind of distinctive accept rice form is complex substance texture. Be opposite holothurian after undertaking imitate studies a few years, researcher put forward to develop rice of high polymer accept compound and plastic brand-new method.

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