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Weigesi VICOTE spray lab
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The banner manufacturer England of the high-powered data such as VICTREX@PEEK@ polymer and VICOTE coating Weigesi company (lab of the 2nd spray shows Victrex Plc) whole world to already will be in Shanghai Asia innovation and technical center to enable in April, this is this center the 2nd period project project. Newly-built spray lab is opposite to rise only of Asian area client support a level and set, will assume a variety of data analysises, archetypal compose to build, comparative test and sample analyse performance, and for the client custom-built spray craft grooms and sample experiment, provide first-rate service for Asian client thereby.
RIChard Okupniak of general manager of company Asia-Pacific district weighs Weigesi:" Asian innovation and technical center held water formally in June last year, be in mere after 10 months, our immediately investment is begun the 2nd period project, this very clear the earth's surface bright, what Asian innovation and technical center become our client service and support quickly already is important one annulus; More important is to show our client already regarded his as them the indispensable part on design and development process. It is with the guest honour the strategy is us the foundation of all jobs, and the 2nd period the demonstration that the project is this strategy. Of Asian innovation and technical center holding water is to support the client inside the area, they understand to want as close together as us stage to make only, use VIcTREX PEEK and VlCOTE product can be developed reliable, high grade, and the product that can show itself in global market competition. And the product that can show itself in global market competition..
This brand-new spray lab is the company is in Weigesi lab of first besides England special spray, its are new the lab can offer unprecedented diversification to serve for Asia-Pacific area, include archetypal compose to build, material function checks, craft of spray of the function contrast test of VICTREX PEEK and other material and sample analysis, client grooms, for the client specific application and product offer coating sample test, and online client support.
Okupniak add says:" Weigesi is coming true actively to promote Chinese strategy the acceptance of action inside each market territory. Our target is the lab of new besmear spray that passes Asian innovation and technical center, the client that provides zero hour area serves a network, the client that strengthens area of Asia-Pacific of Chinese down to serves a level. The decision of spray lab is built in Shanghai, showed the company is opposite Weigesi the long-term development of Asian market, and development of industry of stimulative China coating and the acceptance that foster place to want a talented person for this industry. And development of industry of stimulative China coating and the acceptance that foster place to want a talented person for this industry..
Enable formally as newly-built spray lab, coordinate the advanced service that the company provides Weigesi, asia-Pacific area and Chinese client will but from enjoy faster feedback time, and the sampling that shortens significantly and archetypal compose build cycle; More important is we return what language of usable this locality responds to a client directly to seek advice, communicate with respect to design and development activity with the client. Weigesi is in be dedicated to enhancing VICOTE coating to be in China of the development of territory of burgeoning and crucial market, offer actively also to have a client at the same time faster better support. VICOTE includes car and spin industry in crucial target market of China, and numerous industrial domain is like chemical equipment, semiconductor equipment and food treatment.
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