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For balata of liquid state silicone treatment offers advanced solution
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Because the characteristic of material is qualitative, LSR (balata of liquid state silicone) machined pair of machine that note model and pull current Cheng to raise special requirement. To offer more reasonable solution to this domain, ARBURG developed advanced ALLROUNDER equipment combination technically.

LSR retained all character of silica gel material not only, and have can bear 180 ° C (250 ° C can be amounted to after use additive) high hear resistance and bear - the frost resistance of 50 ° C, maintain function stabilize quite in very big temperature limits internal energy. In addition, still have fight decency, defend the ultraviolet ray, performance that fights ageing and high insulation. Normally, LSR can be used note model to shape craft undertakes machining, its product applicable is resided at car, electron, medical treatment, hygiene and home wait for an industry, the flower that is like nipple of all sorts of sealed film, baby or shower shower nozzle asperses gush bundle etc.

The process noting model of LSR and thermoplastic the plastic process that note model just contrary: Material undertakes pretreatment in cooling makings canister and not reversible cross-linking happens to react in hot mould. As plastic as hot solid sex compare with synthetic rubber photograph, the product of volatile hot tearing that LSR produces in cross-linking reaction is less, the vulcanization time that and be when addition cross-linking needs is shorter also. Form bleb to avoid or make a stuff not complete, must use exhaust, compression moulding or vacuumize (the time that if be smoked quickly,discharges is not enough, the air in can using vacuumize machine to give hole in order to press) methodological general child of these volatile hot tearing from the eliminate in the mould. When exhaust, the process that note model is in the 80% ~ that reach the capacity that note model 95% stop namely when the left and right sides. In exhaust process can cancel locks up modular force, when the mould is opened to make an appointment with 0.1 ~ 0.2mm liquid state composition departs namely piece, add up to what odd part can complete after upper mould is provided to note model afresh.

LSR can be comprised by a kind of periodic cross-linking element, also can pass addition cross-linking to generate by 2 kinds of elements. Because the likelihood in raw material has two kinds of elements to exist, because this needs,be carried by corresponding peripheral. Connecting general reason condition to fall, a LSR machines equipment by use at material is carried and the compound gage, opportunity noting model that provides special model to change makings canister, mould heats system of lukewarm machine of device, model, robot and composition of equipment of drawing of patterns. As a result of material agglutinant and inferior, so the requirement uses very exact treatment pattern to produce burr in order to prevent product.

With the ALLROUNDER at machining LSR the machine that note model includes: The canister of tall wear-resisting makings that has liquid refrigeration function, stop the needle type of circumfluence a powerful person and hydraulic pressure leaves close nozzle, double advocate pump is system of hydraulic pressure of complete closed circuit, special the interface that controls interface, blender and gage at the SELOGICA that LSR machines, mould blows gas unit, and with SELOGICA control interface has pilot 6 groups of moulds add lukewarm system. In addition return optional component to have: The interface that the vacuumize facility that with SELOGICA control the interface has control and be superintendencied, fluid is moved and wool of the interface of system of road of pneumatic cold flow, programmable brushs machine and equipment of drawing of patterns, signal that can realize special technological process is entered / give port, compositive small dose blender and, or the clean air cover that does not have dirt product place to use for production in medical treatment domain. The basis is modular concept, the ALLROUNDER that be configured through corresponding equipment and becomes notes model machine to also can be used at LSR miniature to note model, LSR to set insert notes model or use at thermoplastic plastic soft / strong link notes model. For example, the car that ARBURG introduces ALLROUNDER of share of 420C1000-150/150 double group to note model engine production to be material with PC and LSR is special when the shovel that blow ice, the cycle that note model is 62 S, note model weight is 38.5g.
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