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Innovation of sand uncle foundation is plastic and new-style PC film appears on
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On November 14, innovation of sand uncle foundation is plastic the company announces, its are new-style Lexan DMX polycarbonate (PC) film begins to put in the market. Crust of the A that this kind of film applies to mobile telephone and portable computer, B, C, ask the portable electron part such as wrist and clavier.
The outstanding characteristic of this material was to use the double deck structure that wins patent, through using Shabaiji plinth innovates plastic Lexan DMX resin, improved function, exterior and durable sex apparently, add man-hour to be able to satisfy all sorts of portable computer and the design requirement that hold facility. Its major attribute is the hardness order and degree that has 1H pencil, shape easily, impact resistance can be good, the adornment that note model is embedded inside facilitating treatment (IMD) graph.
As we have learned, electronic equipment manufacturer is seeking property all the time good, exterior is beautiful and the plastic film with fine processability, the fill of film of new-style Lexan DMX with plastic innovation of sand uncle foundation the market is blank. Use this to acquire patent technology, portable equipment and portable computer manufacturer can make a product exterior the color of the component, intensity change greatly, still can raise yield at the same time.  
Innovation of sand uncle foundation is plastic it is the whole world plastic resin supplier, belong to the whole world one of manufacturer of 10 big petrochemical company of industry of sand spy base (SABIC) . Its product applies extensively at car, Medical Protection, consumption electronic product, carry, finished product is packed, the domain such as building, telecommunication and optical medium. This company makes composite material of as high-powered as synthetic polycarbonate, ABS, ASA, PPE, PC/ABS, PBT and PEI colophony and LNP series special type.

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