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Detect compasses measure
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JB/T 7267, 2004

7 detect compasses measure

The product examines minute of routine inspection test and type experiment

7.1 routine inspection test
Every 7.1.1 products must pledge via the manufactory check branch certificate of proof is rear can leave factory
7.1.2 airborne type experiment
Before every machine that note model leaves factory, must undertake not less than 4h or 3000 successive empty movement experiments (if malfunction,be in in the experiment, frequency of the occasional when experimenting should from weigh after trouble removal plan, check before the experiment 4.3, 5.2.6, 5.2.8, check in the experiment 5.2.1, 5.2.2, 5.2.3, 5.2.4, 5.2.5b) and 5.2.7.
7.1.3 is in charge of an experiment
After empty movement experiment is eligible, the successive load that just can have not less than 2h experiments (if malfunction,be in in the experiment, experiment time should from weigh after trouble removal plan) .
In every batches of products, with sample randomly the law smokes 5 % at least (inadequacy smokes 20 times, ordinal analogize) have laden test. Laden experiment should check 5.2.5a) .

7.2 type experiment
The basic parameter that 7.2.1 type experiment should set to this standard and requirement undertake examining entirely.
7.2.2 type experiment should be in of following case undertake temporarily:
A) new product or old product turn the trial-produce that the factory produces finalizes the design sturdy
B) after formal production, if structure, material, craft has bigger change, when the likelihood affects product performance;
C) the product stops for a long time postpartum, when resuming production;
D) result of routine inspection test and last when type experiment has bigger difference;
E) when national quality supervises the requirement that the orgnaization raises to undertake type experiments;

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