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Normative sex citation
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Plastic inject forming machine

Citation of 2 compasses plasticity
The clause in following file cites through this standard and make the provision of this standard, the citation that always fixes date, its subsequently all modification sheet (the content that does not include correct errors in printing) or revised edition all does not apply to this standard, however, encourage each research that comes to an agreement according to this standard to whether can use the newest version of these files. The citation that always does not fix date, its latest edition applies to this standard originally.
GB/T 191, 2000 the Chu Yuntu that pack shows a sign (Eqv ISO 780: 1997)
GB/T 321, 1980 first number and first number are
GB/T 3785, 1983 sound level plan function of report, sound and test method
GB/T 5226.1, 1996 industry machine is electric equipment the first part: Current technology condition (Eqv IEC 60204-1:1992)
GB/T 6388, 1986 carry the shipping mark that pack
GB/T 12783, 2000 balata are plastic and mechanical method of product model work out
GB/T 13306, 1991 sign
GB/T 13384, 1992 mechanical and electrical products pack current technology condition
HG/T 3228, 2001 balata are plastic and mechanical lacquer is general technical condition (Neq ISO 2813:1978)

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