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Mark, pack, carry, keep in storage
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JB/T 7267, 2004

8 marks, pack, carry, keep in storage

8.1 marks
Every product should secure product sign in proper and clear position, sign should accord with the regulation of GB/T 13306, have following content:
A) manufactory name and brand
B) product name, model and executive level number;
C) product number and date of production
D) main technique parameter.

8.2 is packed
The product packs the regulation that should accord with GB/T 13384, inside the product box that pack, should contain following technology file (load waterproof bag inside) ;
A) product certificate of approval
B) product operation instruction handbook
C) container load plan

8.3 carry
Product whole is carried or fission is carried for the component, should suit overland, canalage to wait carry reach lade requirement, accord with the regulation of GB/T 191 and GB/T 6388.

8.4 keep in storage
Product should keep in storage is in dry and ventilated place, avoid be affected with damp be affected with damp, when be being deposited like open air, due the measure that prevent rain.

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