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Basic parameter
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Plastic inject forming machine

4 basic parameter

4.1 norms parameter---Force combining a model (KN) ;
Recommend by GB/T 321, 1980 medium first number " R10 or R20 " norms parameter is chosen to be worth in series.
Academic inject cubage, model changes the 4 parameter value such as pressure of rate of ability, inject, inject to press sale contract (agreement) or the regulation in product operation instruction handbook.
Note: The academic inject cubage that by the design estimation calculates must not be more than the 105 % that join numerical value
4.3 manufactories should offer following parameter to be worth to the user:
A) drag link is significant span (level, perpendicular)
B) diameter of aperture of mould fixed position
C) journey of mobile pattern plate
D) the oldest standard is generous (or the biggest pattern plate leaves be apart from)
E) the smallest model is large
F) electromotor power, heat power