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Small bubble of HYPERFOAM tall efficiency fixes model system
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China big company says, HYPERFOAM can be reduced 10, 30% glue weight, ask the force that lock up a model to reduce 50-60% , reduce about 30% machinery to run energy to use up, reduce periodic time, ensure dimension stability mixes the product to not be out of shape.
The favorable result of HYPERFOAM is to be based on the principle that it used college high pressure to shoot glue, the carbon dioxide gas that its principle wants to produce chemical foaming agent namely reduces position of Da Chaolin group energetically, do not let swimming style be sent inside my canister big, force gas inside colloid of completely fused Yu Rong, enter modular antrum when this fuse-element inside when, aeriform instant step-down and nucleate is bubbly, writing a standard while, bubble body length becomes honeycomb type construction greatly, make small bubble notes model technology to be developed completely, the complete small bubble of YPERFOAM notes model plan to basically apply at in-house glue note model, improved a product greatly to measure and reduce manufacturing cost character.
According to China big company introduces, this technology with high speed general acupuncture point of model of infuse of carbon dioxide gas -- every second can amount to 400 millimeter, form the epispastic structure of a kind of honeycomb shape, a kind when this technology needs Reedy company to develop respectively special change one's costume or dress model chemical vesicant. The nitrogen infuse harbour that Sulzer company produces is pressed implement the hydraulic pressure of a high pressure that provides with static blender and Herzog company seals chew, the Caropreso company that responsible technology helps offerred mould design and package of pressure of a gas, use improvement the polish of vortical shape face with epispastic common technology.

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