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Liberty model head appears as EDI product first
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The United States pushs company of head giving a model (EDI) announce at present, liberty (R) fixed die lip is sutural system of cloth of modular head besmear makes processing factory home can produce a very thin transparent coating, the difference of coating weight at the same time strict control is inside limit.
Liberty system at be being bought by EDI before 3 months, classics after transforming, can use at extensive monolayer and multilayer utility and similar " strip " and blame is successive " patch shape " the special technology such as coating, this system is the form of module of the experiment of WetWare Tubu to offer with the name at present, the manufacturer that lets use technology of cloth of besmear of traditional roller canister can be inside his factory try out is sutural craft of cloth of modular head besmear, head of as sutural as lip of Ultracoat adjustable model model is same, what EDI recommends system of Liberty fixed die lip to regard roller canister as besmear cloth craft is more accurate, more economy, produce the substitute with taller efficiency.
The Liberty system of EDI is not a besmear cloth shed daub to base material, put Tu Tou in however relative to bigger modular lip gap among (for example highest can amount to 3 close ear) , besmear cloth shedding is sucked from inside Tu Tou, ply but thin to 1 micron -- can fall at most to 98% , in using a variety of makings to shed the commercial use with base material at the same time, although coating ply has 8E-5 inches only or 2 micron, head of Liberty sutural model also can be the difference control of integral coating weight inside 3-5% .
Project and production engineer Mark D Miller point out: "Liberty model head and our Ultracoat model head is same, also can install EDI new those who roll out is modular Tu Bu system, this is a complete besmear cloth workstation, include from empty bearing roller arrives all component of bearing roller, load besmear cloth product line to go up directly can, from roller canister besmear cloth changeover is sutural model head to besmear need not be debugged when cloth, modular besmear cloth system and WetWare are different, it is the besmear cloth workstation that commercializes completely.

System of head of Liberty sutural model is transformed very easily use at extensive use
The modular lip of Liberty model head is fixed, but coating ply and width can be filled through interchangeable unoccupied place piece undertake modulatory, if coating is more than one, can have two choices.
Double seam or 3 the head that crack a model, these modular heads Du Ke seams modular head with translate into sheet (for example, onefold coating uses modular head) for example, in following the picture of the double head that crack a model that add, the 2nd dismountable increased on the central body of modular form sutural, two body can be used at the exercise of monolayer coating respectively.
"Slip " or " cascade " modular head, these modular heads are body array actually, become an angle at base material relatively, the Tu Bu that can be used at amounting to 10 more even layers works, this array can be offerred many sutural, from distance base material farthermost sutural the besmear material that spreads flows form stratosphere, makings shedding flows to base material surface from glide of modular head surface, other besmear cloth has shed a layer from the lower part of stratosphere, from distance base material recent sutural makings shedding forms the Tu Bu that flows the most rock-bottom.
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