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With the plant " grow " car boat component
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England develops new generation biology actively but degradation is plastic
Imagine, if the component of the car all is made by plant material, but hard however and clinking, OK and effective play gives due effect, and still can undertake hurtless biology degradation after discard, do this sound a little mysterious? Be perhaps too distant from our life?
Actually, the world of a cleanness, environmental protection is not cannot come true. The scientist is having relevant research at this point now, want to use plant creation to give this to plant super " green " plastic product.
Combine plan
British scientist is undertaking a research that the name is Combine plans, by British biology NetComposites of plastic development business is gotten army, budgetary capital is 780 thousand pound. British trade the Ministry of Works in feudal China will offer 278 thousand pound for this plan, use at developing this to plant to be able to bear or endure bad news sex is strong plastic. This kind plastic not only hard, weight is light, and environmental protection, can use as foster-mother of car door, hull, baby and similar product.
Weeks is announcing British science and technology and · of Mu of division of Er of innovation chancellery horse when starting this plan, say: "Common and plastic half-life is thousands of years. And our research plans to make those who come out is plastic and hard and weight is light, what raw material uses is a plant, accordingly this is a kind of hurtless synthesis is plastic. Accordingly this is a kind of hurtless synthesis is plastic..
He still says: "For development more the car engine of environmental protection, we had done much arduous work. Next work even if should produce marine and the car with a friendly environment, plastic part, it is to be in what the baby protects when encountering incident of urgent medical treatment to sleep even basket. This kind of technology general brings competitive advantage for British economy progress. This kind of technology general brings competitive advantage for British economy progress..
The union of innovation
The purpose that Combine plans is to pass the innovation union with pair of natural fiber and plastic biology to develop a kind high-powered, the complex that is raw material with biology, this kind of complex can use as structural part.
Nowadays, natural fiber has fill to shape only short staple and compress compression cushion fiber two kinds, but these two kinds cannot offer enough strength and hardness to make structural part. Natural fiber gauze is twisted together normally, this makes to among them infuse is agglutinant and thermoplastic colophony becomes very difficult.
In this plan, marijuana and flax fiber should pass treatment, will spin successive fiber, weave high-powered yarn fabric again. these yarn fabric and biology plastic if get together,lactic acid is united in wedlock, shape through vacuum bag shapes and be being compressed next make shape for all sorts of components.
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