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Pliable but strong of excel in of implementation of polyolefin new material is m
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Tackle key problem through more than 10 years, the unit success research and development such as center of composite material of Guizhou Province project gives technology of high-powered polyolefin composite material and technology, the excel in pliable but strong that realized homebred polyolefin material is changed and muti_function change. On July 18, this research achievement passed the expert appraisal that hall of Guizhou Province science and technology organizes.
Expert introduction, polyolefin is the crop in synthetic resin the high polymer data with the biggest, the most extensive use, but at present polyolefin industry is facing our country technology of inadequacy of unreasonable, special feed, core is not worth product structure wait for a problem. Below the project approving support that waits for a branch in hall of science and technology of fund of Guizhou Province governor, province, university of center of composite material of Guizhou Province project, Guizhou, Guizhou Kaikete the unit such as data limited company, around general polyolefin material high-powered the end that change, polymer material the physico-chemical modified technology, structure that exceeds material of imperceptible pink body to use technology, data and preparation are optimized and function stability changes a technology to undertake compositive innovation, formed structure of polyolefin material element and the adjusting control that collect state structure compositive technology. In the meantime, the technological process innovation that they undertook material preparation and optimize, the modified material research and development that formed those who have own intellectual property, mature, form a complete set to be main raw material with homebred polyolefin and manufacturing technology.
As we have learned, since 1990, the project presents as leading role Yu Jie teachs the expert with work in the same placing together, began systematic research to polymer material, published nearly 100 papers in relevant science journal early or late, established polymer material to mix the theoretical foundation of modified research and development in all. Carry research, yu Jie captured structure of polyolefin element catenary and the adjusting control that collect state structure and stability change a technology, exceed the finishing of material of imperceptible pink body, token and application, the crucial technology such as the synergism of prescription group share, undertook craft innovation is reached on the foundation here optimize.
1999, learn to grind through producing collaboration, project group undertakes for base material with homebred polyethylene Jiang Ren is changed, the function changes modified, special type of develops for military use packs special feed function to achieve the army to ask standard and international are advanced level, and cost was reduced 15% , because be,with model Dai Gang, acting wood makes material of the box that pack, still have favorable zoology beneficial result. In the meantime, researcher gives priority to the car panel that body material research and development gives, material such as bumper with homebred polyolefin material, function achieves abroad relevant car is truckload the technical standard of the manufacturer, and cost of material also reduces 15% above. Come nearly 3 years, the military package that the enterprise produces and car are special makings, accumulative total sales revenue amounts to 150 million yuan, hand in taxation more than yuan 820.
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