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The United States will build orange skin to make alcohol device
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The company of subsidiary FPL energy of American FPL group in July 2007 the last ten-day of a month announces, sign with the orange energy company that is located in BocaRaton of American Florida city discuss, development makes those who take alcohol the first set commercialize scope unit by orange skin. Plant of this cellulose ethanol will be had by FPL energy company and operation, predict to produce alcohol of 4 million gallon every year. Device is located in Florida city orange to machine the seat of business.
The fuel alcohol that this project develops, use orange litter and other raw material, can make be reduced to environmental influence least, make cost drops greatly.
According to saying, make from orange skin take alcohol to be expected to make Florida city produces fuel of more than 60 million gallon every year, this will replace Florida city gas year consumption is made an appointment with 1% .
FPL energy company is banner competitive energy supplier, if use cleanness fuel is natural gas, wind energy, solar energy, hydraulic generate electricity with nuclear energy. This company is the development business with American banner wind energy, establishment of 49 place wind energy is had in 15 cities.
FPL energy company is the subsidiary of FPL group, it is provider of the United States' biggest electric power service, year turnover is close 16 billion dollar. FPL group company's main subsidiary has Florida electric power and lighting company, it is one of the United States' biggest power utility companies, 4.4 million clients are had in Florida city.

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