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Make the film that pack with dairy produce
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Research and development gives American scientist recently a kind of new method, with dairy produce the by-product of treatment and process of biology fuel production produces a food of a kind of edible to fight water to pack film.
According to the United States " daily science " the website reported a few days ago, this one technology is by standard of evening of beautiful state guest Ni Yazhou's agriculture is considered to serve an orgnaization -- dairy products of area of the eastpart part is machined and Peggy Tuomasula mixes the research chief of product research group she. Their discovery mixes milk protein casein water and glycerine (a kind of by-product of process of biology fuel production) mix together, can produce give a kind of water-resisting property strong but edible food packs film.
Tuomasula says, scientist use carbon dioxide serves as a kind of environment friendly model solvent, is not to use the unpleasant chemistry that handles hard preparation is acerbity perhaps, from inside milk depart gives dairy produce albumen; Use carbon dioxide comes from the by-product that the dextrose of production alcohol ferments the place in the process arises. Carbon dioxide makes but edible film becomes more fight water, have live thing more but degradation sex.
Produce manufacturing food to pack film from this smooth, transparent and complete but edible. Pack as traditional food, but the storage life that edible film can prolong a lot of food, protective food does not suffer destroy, prevent food to expose in moisture and oxygen, and improve the outward appearance. Through using but renewable resources is not petrochemical, the scientist can be produced go out to have live thing more but the product of degradation sex, reduce waste.

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