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Rich world Li Shile is rolled out note model new technology
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The 2007 international that 21 ~ will hold 24 days in Guangzhou in May are rubber-plastic exhibit on, the company of Li Shile of leader win world of global drive and control technology, the full report that rolled out direction of delegate latest technology first notes model and dynamoelectric hydraulic pressure complex formula notes model solution.
Those who regard the machine that note model as the manufacturer is one-stop supplier, this company is mastering press the technology of a complete set of to electric, pneumatic and linear drive from fluid. This company pays close attention to the development change of Chinese market closely, need actually in the light of the user, provide complete set technically custom-built the solution noting model that change.
This second exhibit use at closed circuit of high speed, high accuracy to shoot glue plan, used the WRLE of a powerful person of high frequency noise that takes special curve ejaculation glue, function can rival servo a powerful person, but the sensitivity that avoided servo a powerful person to be polluted to oily fluid and maintenance difficult problem; The number of special closed circuit that provides at the same time gets stuck, optimized inject to the process is installed and diagnose an interface, make complex closed circuit shoots glue control to go easily simply, satisfied high speed fluid pressure type to note model machine to be opposite the slashing requirement that commands respect of precision of technology, treatment.
Solution of this company's newest the completely electric system that note model, control systematic soft hardware with what its open completely, make overall the user can design operation appearance by oneself, can increase servo axis at will according to demand. In addition, this system uses intelligent drive system, can change the pattern between operating ring quickly in athletic process, all sorts of inertia servo electric machinery of its form a complete set and high-power driver but with at present the mechanical part of the inject machine of all sorts of norms matchs, finish each component to be answered between quickly in unit process of cargo bandling thereby, achieve nicety to note all sorts of demands of model.

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