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Who can supply a plane plastic composite material
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The United States " forum signs up for international pioneer " published an article to say a few days ago, the greater and greater energy-saving pressure decreasing a platoon that faces the public to bring to bear on, aircraft manufacturer is being developed lighter, more the plane of environmental protection. They seek the aluminium alloy part that replaces a tradition with plastic composite material, because can reduce the weight of the plane significantly so. The airframe of 787 and wing will use the Boeing that throws commercial operation next year for the most part plastic composite material, the plane that because this can compare existing and coequal dimensions,predicts is little consume the fuel of 20% , can reduce carbon dioxide because of this discharge.

The aircraft that use composite material makes still has incomparable advantage, because compare light and unusually solid, be corroded very hard, also won't give cash to belong to fatigue circumstance. And at present, metallic fatigue already was become

One of ingredients that a lot of aviation accident produce, perplexing each airline badly. If you take international scheduled flight again after a few years,the report says, probable organic meeting takes the plane that gives priority to material to make with plastic composite material.

Plastic industry public figure should feel gratified to this report. Since quite long period of time, plastic socially it is not quite good that fame appears, often contact together with contaminative environment. The problem that creates adverse effect to the environment really must want to solve, but plastic be not natural and as contrary as environmental protection, in fact, it is in energy-saving there is main effect in decreasing a platoon. Current, plastic products applies extensively at agriculture, pack, building, car, electron the domain such as electric, traffic, replaced the data such as lumber, paper, metal in a lot of application, saved not only in a large number of resource, also protected an environment actually. At the same time plastic the sources of energy that wastes in producing a course also compares other data to want commonly little, use at the plastic products of building materials especially, in use is energy-saving benefit is very outstanding more.

Have feeling at prospective plane plastic go to, our country plastic course of study should take an active part in lifeblood of economy of country of a few relationships and safe hi-tech domain, increase own innovation capacity, realize technical breakthrough and industrialization of most advanced material hard. For example, with the plastic composite material that makes at the plane, in intensity, be able to bear or endure lukewarm sex, be able to bear or endure await the respect such as the gender to have very slashing requirement, and our country still has apparent difference in this respect and developed country, if enhance performance of material carbon fiber not stable, breed onefold, norms on the high side of not complete, price.
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