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Day development goes alterable form pottery and porcelain
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Japanese researcher development goes the pottery and porcelain that be out of shape below effect of a kind of outer strength and does not rupture, this one material imitated the layer shape construction of abalone carapace inside.
According to Japan " morning sun news " reported a few days ago, a few researcher of research organization of Japanese material data and Tokyo university devote oneself to the research and development of new material for a long time. The process is here medium, abalone carapace drew their look. Researcher uses discovery of electron microscope observation, the substance of the surface inside abalone carapace is thick rice of about 500 accept, present structure of shape giving a layer.
The researcher that is inspired becomes alumina of raw material of two kinds of pottery and porcelain and oxidation titanium treatment thick 60 accept rice arrives the layer of 80 accept rice, mix 10 alumina that machine through this kind 10 oxidation titanium mutual across cascade, make material of a kind of new pottery and porcelain. Bring to bear on to this kind of material below room temperature very powerful force, material surface can be down cave in, but can not rupture.

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