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Polymer new material aids the train to be carried greatly fast
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From April 18 our country started railroad the 6th times to be carried greatly fast later, at present the program of high speed railroad, design and construction also are being advanced in full blast. The reporter will be versed in from Huadongli limited company of polymer of university China prosperous learns on May 9, spacer of orbit of the tall tenacity that this company develops, high strenth is special MFE-9 vinyl ester colophony new material, already applied successfully on many circuitry. The research and development of this product is successful, make China becomes the 3rd to master railroad orbit not to have the country of technology of broken bits roadbed, will leave for orbit of our country railroad crosstie and cobble, enter times of high speed railroad to lay solid foundation.
According to introducing, traditional train orbit all through the ages is roadbed having broken bits, cobble piece is filled up below crosstie namely, need is safeguarded regularly, add and rebuild. In the meantime, the rail on roadbed having broken bits a few meters a juncture, the noise when train travel is big, the look below high speed moving condition is accident-proneness. Begin stage by stage as what railroad of our country high speed builds, roadbed is changed without broken bits, orbit is not had seam changing is inevitable trend, raise very tall requirement to colophony material then. The annulus oxygen vinyl of our country tradition ester colophony, railroad of short of high speed ruptures to matrix colophony with goods of special type glass reinforced plastics outspread rate > the requirement of 8% .
China prosperous company seizes this one opportunity, begin to study colophony modified technology and method from 2003, in order to raise annulus oxygen vinyl ester resinous tenacity. They are explored through effort, use high temperature resistant thermoplastic ester colophony mixes project material and annulus oxygen vinyl in all, with elastomer and annulus oxygen vinyl ester colophony forms each other to wear network polymer system, send liquid crystal polymer with heat to annulus oxygen vinyl ester colophony adds modified of pliable but strong, with rigid high polymer former a polymerization vinyl of oxygen of the annulus that add pliable but strong ester colophony, development goes the train orbit spacer that has high strenth, tall tenacity special material -- vinyl makes colophony MFE-9. Ester colophony has this vinyl own intellectual property, can replace foreign technology and data, have the perspective of large-scale construction, application.
Current, huadongli is versed in the rapid transit infrastructure of research and development of limited company of polymer of university China prosperous is special spacer of vinyl ester colophony, through Shenyang (in relief) the Qin Dynasty (emperor island) line, another name for Jiangxi Province (city) dragon (cliff) line, then (smooth) change (Chongqing) the realistic assessment of a few circuitry such as the line, accord with the train track that has tall tenacity, high strength completely requirement of special data standard. This material will be in fierce (Chinese) wide (city) railroad of railroad of line high speed, Beijing Shanghai high speed is relevant mark paragraph wait for border of railroad of more than 10 high speed, city fast railroad is used, move to high speed development to provide technical safeguard for traffic of our country orbit.
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