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Fire retardant of new-style polyurethane foam appears on the market
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American division gets together inferior the new-style fire retardant that the company rolls out Firemaster 800 to the market recently. This kind applies at new product of stretch polyurethane foamy, than this company the Firemaster 550 that rolls out before this improves the efficiency of 20% .
Compare with fire retardant of ester of chloridize phosphoric acid, this product can make the user acquires property more the bubble product of actor, improve the protective performance of product oneself, and have more remarkable resistance to Jiao Xin and hot degradation; In the meantime, fire retardant can be reduced to use an amount in the recipe, advantageous reduce bubble product cost. the exit product that produces business to Chinese furniture and polyurethane foam, use Firemaster 800 will make the product accords with American California 117 or England the standard about flame retardation.

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