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Demand for 16-20 million units in China Plastic Machinery
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China Investment Advisory Network News It is understood that as people demand more and more plastic, plastic machinery industry market potential. Ningbo is China's largest production base of plastic machinery, injection molding machine has formed a comprehensive supporting the industry division of labor, creating the nation's only national plastic machinery products quality supervision and inspection center, with plastics machinery manufacturing enterprises nearly 200 presses accounted for two-thirds of the country, accounting for a quarter of the world.

Despite China's plastics machinery industry, but the entire industry from the world top level there are obvious gaps, mainly in business and more, the brand less, more products, less quality, sales volume, low value-added, independent research and development little more than dumping and healthy development of little sense, the average price of only Europe, America, Japan and other countries of similar products in the 1 / 4 or 1 / 6, high-press technology has been monopolized by foreign, affecting the orderly development of the whole industry. The international financial crisis, the manufacturers of plastic machinery line sounded the alarm, the plastic machinery industry has begun to reshuffle upgrade.

Currently, the domestic demand for plastic machinery 16-20 million units / year, and in the use of plastic machinery with 100-120 million, if all replaced with energy-saving press, at an average 60% of energy per year to save a Three Gorges Dam's generating capacity.

Energy conservation is the future trend of development of plastic machinery industry, not only social benefits, responded to the call of the national energy saving, more tangible economic benefits, consistent with the product manufacturers to save costs and improve efficiency requirements.