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Our country is plastic and flame retardant the technology is newest tendercy
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Be in currently our country and even whole world, all sorts of plastic flame retardant the technology basically is with bromine kind fire retardant is given priority to, of be the first to be affected is 10 bromine 2 benzene aether, abbreviation DBDPO. This kind of fire retardant contains bromic amount tall, have excellent thermal stability. Because its decompose temperature to be more than 350 ℃ , with all sorts of high polymer decompose temperature photograph to match, can reach agglomeration to rise at the same time in gas phase at optimal hour consequently flame retardant action, add a capacity not only small, and flame retardant the effect is good. But in recent years, generation of the meeting when somebody points out DBDPO is burning is poisonous the much bromiccer acting benzene that causes cancer and flower (PBDD) take the place of with much bromine 2 benzene and furan (PBDF) , and the boycott that makes DBDPO suffers a few states is used. Although DBDPO produces business to pass a few in the combustion test that produces orgnaization place to make makes clear, DBDPO won't produce PBDD and PBDF when combustion, accord with Germany does regretful of brown bear of Ta of 2 Jiao ⑻ bar? The regulation of environmental protection bureau. Oppose in bilateral opinion and below the circumstance of be locked in a stalemate, company of American elegant treasure took the lead in developing the 10 bromine that comparative in molecular quantity, thermal stability and bromic content with DBDPO 2 benzene ethane (8010) . 8010 do not belong to much bromine 2 benzene aether, produce PBDD or PBDF impossibly absolutely in aflame, kept away from creditably to cause environmental protection problem of the controversy consequently.
Needing what carry is, because elegant treasure company is right 8010 applied for to produce and use patent, make our country graduate student produces an unit to did not begin the research of this respect tardy for a time, but discover via inquiry, the patent limits of elegant treasure company is to be in the area besides China, can be produced in China consequently and use 8010, just cannot export reach patent application. After understanding this respect situation, our country begins to spread out in the round to the research of 8010, big project of manage of institute of chemical industry of the harbor that connect the cloud, Beijing learns to be opposite in succession 8010 undertook small try research, what obtained ideal is small try a product; Suzhou brilliant China the product that is versed in limited company already had industrial dimensions even, changshu of salt field of Shanxi Lai state, Jiangsu is flame retardant group of chemical industry of the factory, harbor that connect the cloud also afoot tries, those who regard 10 bromine as 2 benzene aether change product, 8010 will ascend flame retardant the large stage of the industry, becoming bromine is flame retardant main force.
In bromic department fire retardant, bromine changes epoxy resin to serve as a kind new-style light an agent to already began to be taken seriously on domestic and international market increasingly. Because have good frit velocity of flow,bromine changes epoxy resin rate, taller flame retardant efficiency, excellent thermal stability and smooth stability, can make again by flame retardant material has good physical machinery performance, be applied at PBT, PET, ABS, nylon widely thereby 66 those who wait is flame retardant in processing. At present although home has many unit research and manufacturing bromine to change epoxy resin, but it is to regard as flame retardant fill is sealed, fill blocks material up to be used in insulation industry, and the bromine that serves as fire retardant changes epoxy resin, still have no production of dimensions of domestic company industry up to now. Company of chemistry of American contented family name already built the manufacturer that produces per year 40 thousand tons bromine to change epoxy resin in Home Zhang harbor, throw production this year. The product sells back American mainland entirely, use at fire retardant production.
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