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Our country head " flexible thermoplastic enhance plastic pipe multiple tube " m
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Recently, of first own research and development of our country " flexible thermoplastic enhance plastic pipe multiple tube " (abbreviation RTP is in charge of) manufacturing technology and equipment are developed successfully in Guangzhou, the mark is worn technology of production of pipe of our country RTP strode international has a kind first, with one action breaks the situation of international market of German company exclusive monopoly.
As we have learned, RTP canal is a kind of high pressure plastic and compound conduit, form by three-layer, layer of inside and outside is PE80 above material, intermediate layer is enhance material compound and into increase belt, enhance material to be able to wait for fiber of polyester fiber, fragrant black silk ribbon or steel wire. Because RTP is in charge of,large requirements high pressure is in charge of material to become a carry that pack to be defeated with construction, every length 200 ~ differ 2000 meters, opposite before in large requirements is in charge of 6 ~ 9 meters of straight canals offer money, reduced transport costs not only, more important is to make the join connect between canal and canal decreased greatly, dependability rises greatly, and the rate of construction increased number however decuple, carry and construction cost was reduced about 70% , because this RTP canal has been in very much abroad,oil carries a large number of successes in reaching natural gas to carry a territory to use. Before this, the whole world has Germany to a company can be made and produce a RTP to produce equipment only.
Guangzhou encourage opens up into new technology limited company gigantic endowment, the RTP tube that last a period of time develops successfully 3 years independently produces equipment, initiate world's banner RTP is in charge of one footwork to manufacture technology, the 3 RTP to 6 inches manage serial production, the plastic inner tube that avoided two footwork repeats close coil to carry a process with drum; Enhance material what use a variety of structures to twine into chemical fiber first enhance tubal ability, the actuating pressure that makes production provides material raises above of the biggest 15MPa. This equipment is designed in RTP structure, make belt equipment, twine technology, craft 4 layers to control the respect such as software to own own intellectual property.
The expert expresses, RTP runs the successful development that produces equipment, use level of equipment manufacturing industry and economic benefits to raising our country conduit, stimulative oil, natural gas, tap water manages construction, develop and develop an international market of building materials of stimulative green chemistry with new and high technology, have important sense.

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