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New-style tall cut off plastic product line
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The medicaments of Alcan whole world of the one part of the ministry of subject Rio Tinto Alca that pack is packed started what the name is StabilitySolutions™ is new-style tall cut off plastic product line. The development of the product and production come from headquarters to be located in the Alcan of Xin Zexi Pennsauken to pack plastic business.
"This is one provides the product that starts a gender extremely, the pharmacy industry that is applied at needing tall lunt and oxygen to cut off. " the development that comes from Alcan to pack a ministry and innovation are advanced employee Michael Rubenstein talks. "StabilitySolutions™ is dry cut off with StabilitySolutions™ use technology of patent of pendency of examine and verify in order to ensure the client's product can maintain effectiveness for a long time, and provide the greatest benefit to the patient. And provide the greatest benefit to the patient..
StabilitySolutions™ is dry it is a double deck desiccator that is used at product of solid of profess to convinced, can offer a product so protection and prolong storage life. Technology of patent of pendency of this examine and verify can be in the contact between product and double deck desiccator joins desiccative in the layer, can eliminate the use of dry bag or canister so. Get on whole and characteristic conformity to be able to reduce product cost in order to improve infuse efficiency substantially thereby to bottle wall ply.
StabilitySolutions™ cuts off is to use already had patent and patent of pendency of examine and verify polyethylene of technical general EVOH(- ethylene is mellow) two HDPE(high density spends layer park polyethylene) in the layer, use at the three-layer desiccator of product of solid of profess to convinced thereby. This technology offerred the vapour lock of exceedingly good oxygen that brings by HDPE place to lie between gender and reliable lunt to cut off for pharmacy industry the characteristic bottle that pack.
"StabilitySolutions™ product line proved the viewpoint that we are certain: Package the product that can bring additional cost to give us the client. " Mike Schmitt of the president of medicaments of Alcan whole world that pack talks. "Our innovation tries hard constant ground pays close attention to the special demand at the client, according to the client of advanced course extending when their individual product requirement custom-built product perfects a product with optimizing with client coact. "    

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