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Large extruding builds an aircrew to tackle key problem project start working
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On July 18, 915 ' of national ' are great technical equipment tackles key problem project -- large extruding builds ceremony of bead unit go into operation, in Dalian balata plastic and mechanical Inc. is held ceremoniously. Cao Xianghong of academician of chief engineer of company of Chinese petrifaction group, Chinese Academy of Engineering, assistant of Dalian city mayor, classics appoint director Liu Yan attended start working ceremony. What large extruding creates an unit is comprehensive and homebred change, having major effect to project of our country large ethylene not only, also can promote Dalian city the technical standard of equipment manufacturing industry at the same time.
Large extruding creates an unit is industry of our country petrifaction at present only did not implement project of 1 million tons of ethylene homebred the major equipment that turn. Our country from ' 75 ' begin to have project approving research and development to this, but do not have major breakthrough all the time. After the equipment standard that company of Chinese petrifaction group is analysing manufacturing industry of our country equipment seriously, extruding that mix refine builds a theory to study achievement and large extruding build an aircrew to the project is developed and design ability, made the risk that has a challenge extremely decision-making, designing institute of university of chemical industry of petrifaction of hill of decision general swallow, Beijing, day China and big rubber-plastic the unit combination such as the company arrives to establish development group together, rely on polypropylene of swallow hill petrochemical to build a system to transform a project, to producing per year 200 thousand tons of polypropylene to squash the aircrew that build bead undertakes tackling key problem. This project is started from January 2007, so far, job of each technology research and development already was finished in the round, be in big rubber-plastic the crucial phase that the company enters treatment trial-produce, predicting next year will complete production, installation in March, debug the job.
Introduce according to Cao Xianghong academician, ethylene is the core product of petrifaction industry, but long-term since equipment of production of our country large ethylene relies on an entrance entirely. Its core technology masters in the hand of 3 manufacturer such as Japan, Germany, formed technology and price forestall, nearly 5 years ethylene extruding creates an unit rose in price one times. An extruding of 300 thousand tons of class creates the value of a machine, already the five dollars from 2002, rose dollar of close ten million, date of delivery also from 10~12 the month is delayed to 18~24 month. The investment that these fathered to affect petrifaction project project again is controlled and build plan, restricted the development of industry of our country petrifaction.
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