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Stainless steel adds rare earth to realize industrialization
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China industry of city of Inner Mongolia Baotou is particular steel Inc. learns to grind through producing collaboration breaks foreign technology monopoly, rare land is added in producing stainless steel, become stainless steel of low nickel of rare earth of the first implementation to produce the business of industrialization. Up to by June, china industry is particular steel has produced a stainless steel of rare earth low nickel 568 thousand tons, implementation profit tax is close 260 million yuan.
Rare earth has industry " flavour element " say, rare-earth element has structure of unique electronic carapace layer, lively chemical character, the electronic character of crystal lattice of process of kinetic to steely metallurgy, thermodynamic, crystallization, material is influential. Abroad has a lot of research organizations studying rare earth stainless steel, although Japan did not realize industrialized production, but almost forestall all technology of this respect. For this, china industry is particular stimulative center of steel and productivity of area of Baotou elder brother, " 52 " the institute is established jointly " center of research and development of material of special type of 52 China course of study " the research and development that begins stainless steel to add rare land experiments. The experiment uses smelt of furnace of intermediate frequency induction, use useless old stainless steel to make raw material, erode by the bag the law adds rare land. Use the method that send a package when industrialization trial-produce, much heat second investment is not commensurate rare earth, pass a test 5 rounds about a hundred times, found the optimal way that adds rare land. The stainless steel that adds rare land proves via detecting, tensile strength raises 15 % above, succumb intensity raises 5 % left and right sides, concussion tenacity raises 20 % above, hardness reduces HV170 the following. Subsequently, china industry is particular steel is developed early or late without stainless steel of low nickel of copper, half copper, complete copper rare earth. Be worth what carry is rare earth stainless steel becomes a useful person rate rise 10% , 20 % , without stainless steel of cupreous rare earth, raised stainless steel not only extend function, treatment function, every tons can reduce cost 800 yuan. This year March, achievement of rare earth stainless steel obtains a country to invent patent.

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