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Cope with chunk head to discard with old mill
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Hellweg mechanical production company is in its had added new product again in very rich molar machine series. Series 600 it is a kind of large and molar machine, be called in company interior " of " old mill. Its baseplate and case are strong and stable, its turn at change a structure and having very large rotational moment of force as a result of one of body, be in consequently broken useless pipe fitting of runner of useless mould flat is for instance useless when the plastic and deserted component of large wall model ability and other are useless plastic etc can assure broken process and have very strong strength.
"The work efficiency of old mill " depends on the mesh size of the screen mesh that puts inside the machine that be mixed by the property of broken material. Usually, its broken capacity comes in horary 750KG between 2500kg. When rotor diameter is 600 millimeter, its job width is 1000 millimeter. 3 assured to have the thing that go in to 7 rotor razor blade and two stator razor blade with respect to apace by molar, it is in rotor rotate speed about 490 turn / when, the power that it needs arrives for 45KW 75Kw. Whole machine weighs 4500 kilograms about. To assure perfect operation environment, had better mix to have for shield of machine configuration noise sound-absorbing outfit hopper of the function. These auxiliary equipment companies can be offerred.

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