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The automatic and synchronous sensor with reliable quality
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In very high mechanical load, remarkable test fluctuant, pollution is reached have cankerous gas or in the harsh environment such as the liquid, want elite of apace area departure and scum, best method uses automatic and synchronous sensor namely. But harsh environment also makes traditional automatic and synchronous sensor bears significant pressure brings about serious market atrophy.

Hengstler company new research and development ACURO-XR series is automatic and synchronous sensor, can undergo highest acceleration and marked climate change, although be in,underwater job also won't have damage. This kind of absolutely and automatic synchronous sensor is special apply to wind-force to generate electricity equipment, ship or carring capacity car, printing machine instrument and lumber treatment, plastic mechanical equipment.

In the process of ACURO-XR of research and development, the engineers of Hengstler company always are following the principle that hard usage, mechanical designs, a kind of such designs can stand highest negative charge, ;equal;fitter;fittest;qualified;equal to worst uses a condition.

The marked characteristic of ACURO-XR is to have particularly solid housing not only, and the bearing that still its special amount has something made to order personally. Although to automatic synchronism the axis of sensor brings to bear on,very high axial power is mixed radial load, these bearing also won't run. The abidance that there still is an axial force to be 200N at the same time for 200N in a radial load below action, its machinery life exceeds 1 million R.

Still took the significant step that prevents concussion and vibration isolation to move additionally, accordingly printed circuit board be secured repeatedly and mix of moistureproof, anticorrosion the partition that prevents a contact. The freeboard that the ACURO-XR place that Hengstler company produces accepts pounds speed to be able to amount to 2000M/S2, vibration can amount to 200M/S2. Even if of this kind of automatic and synchronous sensor puts underwater to also won't gas appears, the protective means that uses because of this housing is IP69K, can prevent a liquid to enter. Sealing ring is inside, in addition still a kind of special electron coating removed additional safe protection.

Can see in numerous plan the sheet that has 12Bit solution turns coder (Single-Turn_encoder) , the user can undertake choosing between 10-12MM in axial diameter interpose. Serve as interface to be able to choose CAN, SSI or BISS and an imitate output are carried (0-10V or 4-20mA) .

Other interface can be offerred by the requirement. Outside program of the construction that divide aluminium, hengstler company still can offer the structure of crust of special type steel. Automatic and synchronous sensor is not sensitive to electromagnetism radiate, and accord with the regulation of EN50081-2 and EN50082-2 standard (EN: European standard) .

Because have very good electron character and physical characteristic to be united in wedlock with numerous plan photograph, for the application that because of this ACURO-XR series abominable to avery kind of condition issues, it is appropriate solution almost.
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